Mission & Vision

Mission To promote the strategic role of marketing in Indonesia

Vision To become the premiere community for Top Marketing Executives in Indonesia


Promote: In an ever-changing market environment, it is imperative for business leaders to take note of the critical issues shaping industry trends. As thought leaders, JCMO Club presents a platform where these top business and marketing professionals can unravel their valuable knowledge and ideas with one another. The JCMO Club has been conceived as a key initiative of the PK-CAM to serve as a platform to empower marketing to a higher level, beyond the functional role, amongst prominent business leaders and executives in the ASEAN region.

Strategic role: As a central business function, marketing today is not just putting the 4Ps in place together, but a much more strategical process on which the success of your business depends. Strategically, businesses are increasingly moving from product-driven to customer-driven and marketing is at the core of this transformation. This strategic role of marketing needs to be better understood and valued by marketers and business professionals today to ensure growth and sustainability.

Marketing: In the current connectivity era, the customer path has undergone core transformation, from the 4A (Aware>>Attitude>>Act>>Act Again) to the 5A (Aware>>Appeal>>Ask>>Act>>Advocate). The rising power of youth-women-netizen subcultures in the middle class population and their evolving underlines the greater emphasis on the implementation of marketing in understanding their evolving needs, anxieties and desires

Indonesia: The largest economy in South East Asia and a promising emerging market, Indonesia finds its name among popular acronyms to denote the emerging economic powerhouses, be it the MINT or CIVETS. A large young population, expanding middle class incomes along with political stability and ongoing regulatory reforms make Indonesia’s economic outlook quite positive; McKinsey estimates Indonesia’s economy to become the 7th largest in the world by 2030 – surpassing Germany and the UK.


Premiere : The Jakarta CMO club is a “Chief-Level” and “By-Invitation-Only” community. Consequently, membership is being granted only to recognized marketing leaders and/or top management of leading organizations who believe that Strategic Marketing is required to enhance business competitiveness alongside Strategic Operations, Strategic Finance or Strategic Human Resources.

Community: The Club is unique! Members would alternate in hosting the monthly gatherings to share their experience in applying Marketing at the strategic level. Yet, in order to maintain the quality of the network, the host and the Center would invite influential keynote speakers and special invitees associated to the industry and topics discussed at a particular gathering.